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April Fool's Day Party Ideas

Host an Entertaining April Fool's Day Party

(FeatureSource) The origin of April Fool's Day comes from those medieval clods who refused to recognize that January was the beginning of the calendar year. Their stubbornness made them ripe for jokes and pranks.

Today, anyone is a fair target. So it takes a brave person to host a party loaded with people who are all waiting to pull a wild stunt.

"It's actually one of the most entertaining themes you could have for a party," says Patty Sachs, author of "Pick-A-Party: The Big Book of Party Themes and Occasions" (Meadowbrook Press).

"What is April Fool's Day but the one time each year that you can be as silly as you like?" Sachs says.  "Where is a better setting for such behavior than at a party?"

Let your guests know what they're in for from the very start. Mail their invitations in a tube. When they open the mailing tube, they will have to wait to read the invitation's details because they will be too busy dodging a pop-out gag snake.

In your invitation, encourage your guests to dress as outrageously as they can. Say that they can dress backwards, inside out or as wacky as possible. You're not looking for costumes (it's not a Halloween party after all), but encourage your guests to dress like the fool.

Your party site should also be a crazy character on this oddest of days. Place as many things upside down or sideways as you can. Put up gag signs such as "fresh paint" and "restroom outside." Giant clown shoes or huge, floppy hats can serve as snack trays. And don't forget to have at least one whoopee cushion hidden away and one doorknob freshly greased.

Your guests will want food and drink, but they knew the risks of the party when they arrived. So serve them silly cuisine like corn dogs, beef jerky, s'mores and Ding Dongs. Drinks can be of any variety, but choose something that doesn't stain because there just might be a dribble glass or two circulating the room.

For activities, jokes and pranks should keep everyone on their toes and entertained throughout the party. The great thing about this is that the guests contribute just as much as the host does. If you're in the mood for more structured activity, however, you can always put on a parade of fools fashion show. Give out prizes to the most ludicrously dressed partygoer. You could also hand out mismatched nametags to the guests and have them search for the corresponding person.

When the jokes have died down and everyone has embraced their impish delights for another year, send them on their way with a gift. Of course, you're not going to ruin the theme now. So hand out only gag, trick or useless gifts.

Your guests will be highly amused. Best of all, they'll already be plotting ways to get you back on next April Fool's Day.

These and other hints come from Sachs' "Pick-A-Party: The Big Book of Party Themes and Occasions," which offers celebration tips for almost every holiday or event.

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