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Hello from Jeanette JOY Fisher,

I recently enjoyed CEO Space with friends at Lake Las Vegas. It was like a holiday for me. In the United States, we say we’re going on a vacation. I prefer the English term Holiday. Wouldn’t you rather take a holiday and enjoy a relaxing, exciting, memorable time with family and friends? Does the word Holiday inspire you?

In today’s market, consumers enjoy getting to know the people behind the brand. When you go out, look for unusual, interesting waypoints. Take photos and/or videos to post on your social media sites as you go. Later, write a few words about your fun stop and create a post on Joy, created in November 2005, featured articles about holidays instead of travel and fun jaunts. We’ve revamped it into a Joint Publicity Content site to promote our friends.

My team will help you promote your content and profile or business in exchange for Joint Publicity. You create JOY Holiday blog posts with a short video or photo and a short story of your fun excursions. We share your posts through our influential social media accounts.

We’d love for YOU to share quirky road trips, out of the way adventures, and fun places. Now matter which business you want to promote, sharing your life’s adventures creates great content to gather a following.

You may also share your big adventures. If you break out sections of a trip, you can make many posts on many sites and keep the long story on your website.

One of my most adventurous holidays was going to Turkey with my daughter and friends. The cisterns under Istanbul fascinate and educate you about ancient customs. When conquering invaders with different religious beliefs took over the cathedrals, they destroyed grand artworks and structures.


Sample Post:


You’ll Be Amazed Underground in Turkey
Jeanette JOY Fisher

Turkey fascinates with a wealthy section of waterfront homes fancier than Beverly Hills, shopping costlier than Rodeo Drive, and the Spice Market bazaar with bargain home furnishings plus exotic spices, fabrics, and carpets. You won’t want to miss one of the most unusual places in the world to see–the Basilica Cistern in Istanbul.

Basilica Cistern Istanbul Turkey

Basilica Cistern Istanbul

That’s water with glass walkways over it. These underground cisterns stored rainwater. When invaders who didn’t believe in art with faces took over the city, they put huge statues under the water and turned faces sideways or upside down.


If you were to stand next to Medusa, you might be tall enough to reach her smile.

What stories and adventures do you have to share?


Email or Facebook private message Jeanette JOY with links to your website, blog, current videos, and social media sites. If you’re a match for Cooperative Joint Publicity, Chaz DeSimone will set up your JOY blog. Tell us how you want your blog to be titled: personal brand or business brand. Your link will look like this: We’ll share your posts and you’ll get links back to your business or personal social media profiles, website, AND social media influence love.


All blog posts must contain a catchy title, a visual interest–a video and/or an image and 250+ words of text.

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